Pussyhat - Custom-Knit Bulky Acrylic - PROGRESSIVE DONATION INCLUDED

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Product Description

Did you not get a pink pussyhat in time for the Women's March on January 21st, but would like to have one anyway, possibly to wear for future activism or events?

I knit each hat in-the-round, so there are no seams anywhere except for a neat and decorative braided-style seam across the top. This helps the "ears" stand up nicely :)

For each hat purchased, I will donate $5 to one of the following organizations. You can choose from:

- The ACLU
- Amnesty International
- Democracy Now
- The International Rescue Committee (IRC)
- MoveOn
- Planned Parenthood
- The Sierra Club
- The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)
- The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe (for their anti-DAPL activism)
- The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR)

Please tell me in the comment field when you submit your order which organization you want me to donate to. If you don't tell me, I will choose at random from this list.

I can knit you a custom hat in any of these shades of pink (and/or black, if desired). Refer to the 4th photo to see these colors:

A - Berry pink
B - Neon/fluorescent pink
C - Gray & neon/fluorescent pink
D - Variegated azalea (contains berry, fuchsia, coral, blue, yellow, etc)
E - Coral/flamingo pink
F - Fuchsia pink

I can also add a few rows of fluffy boucle yarn and/or sequin-decorated yarn if desired. See the last photo for examples.

I can either do the hat all one color, or with a different colored band. I can make the band wider if desired, and I can make the hat larger or smaller. Just let me know what you want.

I can add wool or wool-blend felt flowers, if desired. These are listed separately in my shop as an add-on.

If you like the cat-eared hat shape but aren't crazy about pink, I can knit you a different color of hat. I just ordered some nice purple and blue yarns, which I will add photos of as soon as I receive my order.

If you like this hat style but prefer wool, I also can make this style of hat in bulky wool. These hats cost a bit more since the yarn is more expensive, and the color options are different. These are listed separately in my shop.

Some yarn colors tend to sell out very quickly, so if I need to re-order yarn to complete your hat, that may add a few days to the turnaround. I'll try to keep you informed if this happens.

Comes from a smoke-free and cat-filled house! So although I do my level best to keep the yarn away from the cats, the possibility exists that your pussyhat might have one or two ACTUAL GENUINE pussycat hairs in it, included totally free, courtesy most likely of either Sir Rilian Finn (adorable, crazy, and pestiferous blue lynx point Balinese) or Sir Balin Goodpillow (large fluffy gray of uncertain parentage) or the beauteous Lady Camille De Lune (tiny and perfect platinum mink Tonkinese) or maybe even Barliman Buttercat (orange-striped and white) or Grendel (tuxedo cat with a Svengali stare) or Sid Vicious (immense and decidedly un-vicious floor-orca). Enjoy!

(NOTE: If you are EXTREMELY allergic to cats, you might not want to order from me.)

Pussyhat - Custom-Knit Bulky Acrylic - PROGRESSIVE DONATION INCLUDED

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